Modern Chinese Literature and Republican Era(1912-49)Literature

Wed, Apr 5, 2017, 4:30 pm

The lecture will be in Mandarin with English translation.

In the past decade, the most noteworthy phenomenon in mainland China's modern literature research is the advancement of the concept of "Literature of the Republic of China" and a series of discussions following afterwards. The objective of this concept of literary history was for independent literary development in the traditional political ideology while at the same time reflecting the reality of research separated from the historical context of China.

Through academic debate and discussion in recent years, the misunderstanding around the concept of "Literature of the Republic of China" as a literary criticism method has been clarified, showing that not only does it broaden the scope of Chinese modern literature studies but it also creates room for dialogue to accommodate other current research topics, such as "Taiwan literature" and "Chinese literature".

202 Jones

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