East Asian Studies Program

The Program in East Asian Studies is an umbrella organization for East Asian studies and related departments at Princeton University. Its members are drawn from the cooperating Departments of Anthropology, Art and Archaeology, Comparative Literature, East Asian Studies, Economics, History, Music, Politics, Religion, Sociology, and the School of Public and International Affairs. The Program in East Asian Studies also functions to financially support and organize various East Asia-related lectures, conferences, and events at the University. 

Via the Program, undergraduate students majoring in any other University department (including the sciences) may earn a certificate of proficiency in East Asian Studies (the equivalent of a minor). The certificate provides internationally-minded students with basic competence in an Asian area and enhances their understanding of Western civilization through perspectives gained from the study of the non-Western world. The Program also provides funding for undergraduates to study languages in East Asia, and graduate students seeking support for language study and dissertation research and completion. Also important is the Program's support of visiting faculty.

Please note that doctoral training in East Asian languages, literature, history, and civilizations is offered by the Department of East Asian Studies, while programs in art, comparative literature, modern history, religion, politics, and sociology, with a principal focus on the civilizations or societies of East Asia, are arranged through the cooperating departments represented on an interdepartmental committee.