POSTPONED: Cantonese Migrants and the Qing State in Reconstruction-Era Guangxi: Examinees and Subofficials

Postponed: Population Movement Across China's Southwestern Frontiers and Borderland

POSTPONED: Two Women Korean Philosophers in the 18th-19th Centuries

POSTPONED: The Cornucopian Stage: Dramas of Infinite Surplus in Early Modern China

VIRTUAL-The Social Networks of Antiquities Collectors in Northern-Song China: An Experiment in Digital Humanities

POSTPONED-The 2019-20 Annual Jansen Memorial Lecture

POSTPONED--Borders of poetic language: defining Chinese and Japanese-style poetry in a twelfth-century commentary to the Wakan rōeishū

POSTPONED--For More Information, Keep Reading: How to Use a Late Imperial Chinese Encyclopedia

CANCELLED--Did the Buddha Teach Sexual Consent?: Emergent Ethics after Abuse Allegations in an American Insight Organization

POSTPONED-"Vale poco” [of little value]- a Forgotten Spanish-Chinese Dictionary in a Manila archive


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