Writing a New History of China: How Chinese Intellectuals are Trying to Fill in Blank Spaces in Contemporary Chinese History

Shen Zhou’s (1427-1509) Paintings from Life

Borders of Poetic Language: Defining Chinese and Japanese-style Poetry in Medieval Commentary to the Wakan Rōeishū

Art Work: Classifying Artifacts as Official Business in Late Imperial China

Revisiting Ginza Bricktown: The Politics of Urban Space in Early Meiji Tokyo

A Time of Lost Gods: Mediumship, Madness, and the Ghost after Mao

Declining Son Preference in South Korea

Wed, Mar 10, 2021, 4:30 pm

Taking China Out of Premodern Global History: Bodies, Threads, and Fabrics

The Depiction of Japanese Deities in Modern Japan

Remains of the Everyday, a Century of Recycling in Beijing


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