Japanese Theater: Kyogen 狂言

Nov 7, 2019, 4:30 pm4:30 pm
Taplin Auditorium, Fine Hall



Event Description

Play: 附子, The Delicious Poison

Tarō-kaja and Jirō-kaja are entrusted with some sugar by their master, but told not to eat it, as it is poison; naturally, they eat it.

* Kyogen is comic theater which developed alongside Noh. While Noh is musical and solemn, Kyogen provides comic relief with a focus on clever dialogue. Historically Kyogen and Noh alternated in the same program, but now Kyogen is also performed independently, as will be the case in this event.


Daijiro Zenchiku 善竹大二郎

Noriyoshi Ohkura 大藏教義

Shinkai Yoshida 吉田信海

  • Program in East Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies Department
  • Comparative Literature Department
  • Music Department
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