Noh Play Performance and Lecture

Thu, Mar 8, 2018, 5:00 pm
Drapkin Studio, Lewis Center for the Arts

Okura Genjiro, sixteenth Grand Master of the Okra School, with SHIMIZU Yoshinari and KIZUKI Nobuyukim will perform an important scene from Aoi no Ue (“Lady Aoi”), an important late-fourteenth century play based on an episode from the Tale of Genji. The specific section is called makura no dan (枕の段)and it is the high point of the first act of the play, where the disembodied spirit of Lady Rokujo, enraged by jealously, takes flight and attacks Lady Aoi as she is near term to give birth. Translation will be provided at the performance.











Drummer: OKURA Genjiro

Actors: SHIMIZU Yoshinari and KIZUKI Nobuyuki

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