Princeton Korean Pedagogy Forum

Learning more by getting involved more: Cases of interaction and collaboration with language educators and students of Korean
Mar 11, 2023


Event Description

Keynote Address for the Korean Pedagogy Forum:

With Korean language educators in the US in mind wearing as many hats as language instructors, curriculum/program developers, and academic scholars, the current talk will begin with a personal journey and also years of trial and error to achieve various goals and visions set for providing quality education of Korean to both students and teachers. In addition, it hopes to provide a venue where current (or soon-to-be) Korean language educators can frankly share their own best practices and outstanding challenges/questions in efforts to become better and more experienced language teachers of Korean (especially for US colleges/universities). In terms of teacher education and (re-) training, the talk will also share with the audience recent trends of Korean language teacher education & training, and seek to explore ways in which we, (Korean) language educators, learn more to put what we have learned to good use (in and outside classrooms) by getting involved more in various interactions and through collaborations with other language educators and students (both undergraduate and graduate).

Byung-jin Lim is an associate professor of Korean Language and Linguistics in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (or, UW-Madison). He earned his doctoral degree in Linguistics/Korean Language Education from Indiana University at Bloomington. His areas of interest are Korean language and linguistics, Korean language textbook development, information & communication-based instructional technology in Korean language learning & teaching, teacher education, and second language acquisition.

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