A Study of Korean Language Teachers' Perception of the Professionalism of Teaching Korean

Feb 22, 2020, 10:30 am10:30 am
202 Jones
  • Korean Language Program
  • East Asian Studies Program
  • Department of East Asian Studies
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Of three essential elements of teaching and learning, such as an instructor, a learner, contents, the roles and functions of instructors are the most important in teaching and learning.  A few research explored the role and feature of a Korean language teacher as a professional up to now. This study is firstly to analyze and categorize the research on Korean teachers. And it is to explore how Korean teachers perceive the constructs composed of knowledge, skills, personality, and attitude toward Korean language education according to their education career variables. Regarding the constructs of the content knowledge required for Korean language teachers are extensive pedagogical experience and subject matter knowledge, which consists of knowledge about Korean language, understanding of Korean studies, and contextual knowledge related to the class management. Teaching skills mean pedagogical skills that are taught in the field separately from experience for Korean language education. Personality and attitude mean the character of the teacher and the belief in and attitude toward teaching Korean.

Based on these three sub-factors of professionalism of teaching Korean, this is to examine how Korean teachers perceive the professionalism of teaching Korean language and how different they recognize it according to their career period or in-service teacher and pre-service teacher groups.

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