Conference Travel

I. Graduate Support

II. Undergraduate Support


I. Graduate Student Conference Travel Support

Students may apply to the EAS Program for travel support to attend conferences and workshops where they will be presenting a paper.

Funding is limited to:

  • up to $750 to attend a conference in the U.S.
  • up $1,000 to attend a conference abroad

To apply, students should email their request to the EAS Program manager and include the following information:

  1. the name, date, and location of the conference
  2. the title of their paper
  3. estimated travel expenses and the amount being requested -- Note: we do not reimburse for food/meals.
  4. other sources they have applied to for travel aid (e.g. The Dean's Fund for Scholarly Travel)

Please note that once Ph.d students have defended, they are no longer eligible for EAS Program conference travel support.


II. Undergraduate Conference Travel Support

The EAS Program, unfortunately, does not fund this category, but the Office of the Dean of the College may be able to help. Go to: