COVID 19 Dissertation Completion Grant

The East Asian Studies Program, in cooperation with the Center for Contemporary China and PIIRS, will oversee a COVID 19 Dissertation Completion Grant. This will be a terminal grant, offered to currently enrolled Princeton Ph.D. students whose dissertation and research are grounded in East Asia and who have exhausted all other graduate funding. Students will be eligible to apply for (a) Spring Semester DCE tuition and stipend, (b) Summer DCE tuition and stipend, or (c) Fall Semester DCE tuition and stipend. During the period of the grant, they will receive a stipend at the University Fellowship rate.  Eligible students must (1) demonstrate that they have been adversely affected by COVID; (2) have otherwise exhausted all sources of funding; (3) promise to engage in no teaching while receiving a COVID 19 Dissertation Completion Grant; and (4) demonstrate that they will be able to complete their dissertation during the period of this grant. Grants cannot be renewed or extended.



Spring funding ‘24

Summer and Fall funding ‘24

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Monday, April 1, 2024



  1. A statement from the student explaining how COVID has materially impacted their dissertation writing and research
  2. A letter from the student’s advisor describing the impact of COVID and attesting to when the student can finish
  3. A letter from the student’s department chair explaining the COVID support that the student has already received, as well as a statement attesting that the student will not teach while receiving this grant and will not receive further funding from the department.
  4. A draft of the dissertation, with all work completed by the time of the application.  


Application Materials

Submit the following materials in person or via WORD/PDF attachments to Richard Chafey, EAS Program Manager, 219 Frist Campus Center, [email protected] : 1) your covid statement, 4) a current draft copy of your dissertation. Letters 2) and 3) should be emailed directly to Richard Chafey by your advisor and department chair at [email protected].


Applications will be evaluated by representatives of the Program, PIIRS and CCC and grants will be awarded based on the demonstrated feasibility of the proposal, and likelihood of completion.