Undergraduate Funding

The EAS Program primarily provides funding for the intensive study of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language over the summer, which provides students with the equivalent of one year of study on campus. However, in certain instances, we offer some partial support for independent research.

I. Summer Intensive Language Study

  1. Chinese
  2. Japanese
  3. Korean                                                     

II. Research for Independent Work

III.  Internships

IV. Conference travel support


I.  Summer Intensive Language Funding

Funding for Chinese at Princeton in Beijing (PIB) or Japanese at Princeton in Ishikawa (PII):

If you are accepted into PIB or PII and are on general university aid, you will automatically be considered for funding and the amount you will receive will be based upon the percentage of general aid you're currently receiving. Therefore, you do not need to apply for support.

Please note that the EAS Program and Office of International Program’s  work together to provide funding for both of these funder-initiated programs. Thus, you are not eligible to apply for student-initiated EAS Program or Dean’s Fund support for either of these programs.

Summer funding for intensive Korean language study:

If you are on general university aid and are accepted into an approved Korean language program, you may apply for student-initiated financial aid from the EAS Program via the  SAFE site. For application instructions and a list of approved programs go to:  updated info available soon.

Please note that your award will be based upon the percentage of general aid you're currently receiving, and that this funding comes from internal EAS Program funds, and may not cover all expenses. Thus, you should additionally apply to the Office of International Program’s Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad for support.  Go to: https://oip.princeton.edu/our-programs/study-abroad/financial-matters/summer/deans-fund

Note: If you are interested in less intensive Korean language study that may allow you to also take content courses, please look into the Office of International Programs’ (OIP) Dean’s Fund for support, because the EAS Program does not support these.


II. Research for Independent Work

Normally the East Asian Studies Program does not provide funding for undergraduate research toward independent work. The main exception is for East Asian Studies Program Certificate students and East Asian Studies Department Language and Culture Certificate students whose independent work for the certificate (usually an independent paper, but sometimes Junior Papers or Senior Theses) is not eligible for funding by the Office of the Dean of the College, their home department, or other University resources.

If none of the above sources are applicable, students may be eligible for limited support from the East Asian Studies Program. Applications require a research statement, a budget, a recommendation letter from a faculty advisor, and explanation of other possible sources of financial support. Please e-mail Richard Chafey (chafey@princeton.edu) for further information before applying.

Below is information on other sources of Regular Senior Thesis Funding:

A.B. senior thesis funding opportunities, including from individual academic departments, the Office of the Dean of the College, and other offices and programs on campus, are posted through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE). The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) administers the Dean of the College thesis funding through the OUR Senior Thesis Research Funding Program.

B.S.E. students seeking support may apply for the School of Engineering and Applied Science thesis and independent work funds.

Senior theses on contemporary China may be eligible for funding from the Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China. Information is available at https://ccc.princeton.edu/funding-opportunities-and-partnerships/undergraduate-student-funding.


III. Internships

The EAS Progam does not provide funding for internships. For information on available funding, please see:

The Office of the Dean of the College site:https://odoc.princeton.edu/support/finding-jobs-internships-and-fellowships

For foreign internships visit the Office of International Program websitehttps://oip.princeton.edu/our-programs/international-internships


IV. Undergraduate Conference Travel Support

The EAS Program, unfortunately, does not fund this category, but the Office of the Dean of the College may be able to help. Go to: https://undergraduateresearch.princeton.edu/funding/academic-conferences(link is external)