The Inaugural 2014 Tang Prize in Sinology has been awarded to Professor Ying-shih Yu

Monday, Nov 16, 2015
by ahepler

Ying-shih YuYu, the Gordon Wu ‘58 Professor of Chinese Studies, Emeritus (East Asian Studies and History), was awarded the inaugural Tang Prize in Sinology, established by Dr. Samuel Yin in 2012. Yu was recognized for his “mastery of and insight into Chinese intellectual, political and cultural history” and his “profound research into the history of public intellectuals in Chins.” Commonly hailed as the greatest Chinese intellectual historian of his generation, Yu has researched and written extensively on every period of Chinese history, from ancient to modern. He taught at Princeton beginning in 1987 and transferred to emeritus status in 2001. Yu is the first Tang Prize laureate in the field of Chinese studies and will receive the award on Sept. 18 in a ceremony in Taipei. 

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