Chao-Hui Jenny Liu

Program Coordinator
Field Director, The Princeton-Shanghai Peking Opera Program
Office Phone
219 Frist Campus Center

As Coordinator of the East Asian Studies Program, I manage the Program's events and the EAP Certificate Program for undergraduates and compile the Annual Report and Newsletter.  I also serve as the Field Director of the Princeton University Peking Opera Immersion Program in Shanghai.

After earning an M.Phil. from Cambridge University in Archaeology & Anthropology, Liu received her Ph.D. in Chinese Art and Archaeology from the University of London (SOAS). Her research focuses on the Tang dynasty (618-907 CE), especially imperial tombs near Xi'an and Luoyang. After receiving funding from the T'ang Society, she has conducted GIS mapping at Zhaoling, the 7 kilometer in diameter, 200 tomb imperial mausoleum complex of  Emperor Taizong (598-649 CE). At Princeton, she has taught the seminars EAS 514 Reading Tombs in Ancient China (graduate seminar), FRS 193 Object Immigrants: Six Objects from China in American Collections (Freshman Seminar) and ART 369 The Arts and Archaeology of the Chinese Court (300 level seminar).

Before coming to Princeton, Liu was Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of East Asian Art and Archaeology at New York University and Visiting Professor at Hunter College. She was also the Research Associate (and contributor) for the special exhibition “China: Dawn of a Golden Age (200-750 AD)” at The Met and a researcher for the WWII provenance of Asian art at the Smithsonian.

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