East Asian Library Journal

The East Asian Library Journal, formerly known as the Gest Library Journal, ceased publication at the end of 2010. This journal was the first English-language publication devoted to studies on book culture and the history of printing and publishing in East Asia. Inaugurated in 1986 for the association of the friends of Gest…

The Princeton University Peking Opera Shanghai Immersion Program

The Princeton University Peking Opera Shanghai Immersion Program (POSIP) will run virtually from August 8-19, 2022.

04/08 Update: The deadline for the program has passed, but we will continue to accept applications.

02/04 Update: The Princeton University Peking Opera Shanghai…

Teaching About Asia
link1: link2: ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM  Teaching China, Japan, and Korea in the Middle School: History and Culture
Integrating East Asia into a Study of World Civilizations
Through Connections,…
2021 Schedule

2021 Program Schedule

*Times subject to final adjustments. All times are USA East Coast (ET) Times

Preparatory Work (3 days in May, 2021)


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