Partners and Faculty

This year, our virtual program "Yihong's Virtual Program" is planned by The Shanghai Hongyimei Opera Company (SHPOC) 上海弘依梅京劇團, which was founded by SPOC Principal, Peking Opera star Yihong Shi and Princeton alumnus JP Mei.

The Shanghai Peking Opera Company (SPOC) (also known as Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company 上海京剧院) is a government-sponsored cultural enterprise established in 1955, with Peking Opera master Xinfang ZHOU 周信芳 as the first principal. This theater company enjoys a stellar reputation throughout China. Immersed in the southern city of Shanghai, SPOC has developed its own style of propagating Peking Opera culture.


Shi Yihong 史依弘

Artistic Director of the Shanghai Hongyimei Opera Company

Principal of the Shanghai Peking Opera Company and ranked Actor First-Class in China

Shanghai Hongyimei Opera Company

HYM Executive Director: Peipei Jiang 姜培培

Lady qingyi 青衣:Shangyi Su 蘇上儀

Young Lady huadan花 旦:Wei Gao 郜薇

Martial Male wusheng 武生:Jiahao Zhang 張佳浩

Painted Face hualian 花臉:Tianqin Ma 馬天欽

Clown 丑 chou:Liu Wenzhao 劉文釗

Make-up rongzhuang 容妝:Yujin Guo 國彧錦

Apparel and Costuming yixiang 衣箱:Ziyang Zheng 鄭梓陽

Shanghai Peking Opera Company (by special invitation)

Old Man laosheng: Yu Tonghui 于同輝

Lady qingyi: Fang Murong 方沐蓉