Teaching About Asia


Current Issues in China and the Koreas

Saturday, April 10, 2021 and April 17, 2021

For teachers of World History, World Cultures, World Literature, and Art
Professional Development Credit for NJ Teachers

The experts support your classroom instruction: University professors address topics commonly taught in middle and high school curriculums.     

A Tale of Two Countries: North and South Korea.  Saturday, April 10, 2021.  9-12 noon

  • Ksenia Chizhova, Professor of East Asian Studies (Princeton, University)
    TopicKorea as an Influential Player in Early Modern East Asia
  • Victor Cha, Senior Advisor and Korea Chair (Center for Strategic and International Studies; Director of Asian Affairs, NSA 2004-2007)
    Topic: The Biden Era and the Korean Peninsula


Teaching Trade, Military Strategy, and Human Rights in Contemporary China.  Saturday, April 17, 2021. 9-12 noon.

  • Rebecca Clothey Associate Professor of Education (Drexel University)
    Topic: Human Rights in Contemporary China: The Case of the Uyghurs
  • Thomas Christensen, Professor of Public and International Affairs; Director of China and the World Program, Columbia
    Topic: China and the World; China and Its Neighbors in 2021: Trade Issues and Geopolitical Strategy

Lesley Solomon, Coordinator of Teachers, NCTA Princeton
Richard Chafey, Administrator, NCTA Princeton


The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, funded by the Freeman Foundation, is a multi-year initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about China, Japan, and Korea in world history, geography, social studies, and literature courses. Launched in 1998, this nationwide program is a collaboration of the East Asian Studies Programs of several coordinating institutions, such as Columbia University, the Five College Center for East Asian Studies, Indiana University, and the University of Colorado.

In 2003, Princeton joined the Columbia branch of the initiative and began hosting four to five Saturday seminars each semester. The program is intended to prepare teachers to teach about Asia, enrich the content of Asia in classrooms, and to work toward creating a more long-term presence for Asia in American schools. 

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