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Princeton University East Asia Program


Teaching China, Japan, and Korea in the Middle School: History and Culture
Integrating East Asia into a Study of World Civilizations
Through Connections, Comparisons, and Conflicts

While this year’s focus is on the middle school, the program is open to all New Jersey teachers, especially teachers of Social Studies, English / Language Arts, Art, Languages, and upper elementary grades

Virtual Program I: Traditional China, Japan, and Korea.  February 26; March 5, March 19  

  • Foundations: Confucianism and Buddhism
  • The Golden Age: Traditional East Asia as a center of technology, trade, urban life, and the arts
  • From the Silk Road to the Belt and Road: Trade Routes connected East Asia to Europe and the Middle East.  China becomes part of a global economy in the early modern period

Virtual Program II: Modern East Asia: April 2, April 23rd, May 7th

  • Revolutionary change in the modern period: The Chinese Revolution brings social upheaval, followed by rapid economic growth and a quest for power under Xi Jinping
  • Japan builds an empire, suffers defeat, and creates a successful democracy
  • Korea: A Tale of Two Countries

Sessions:   9 AM to 1 PM (Saturdays) held virtually via Zoom videoconference

Questions?  Please contact Lesley Solomon at lesley86@hotmail.com

Please choose which session or session(s) you would like to commit to.